Best Beach Games for Family Fun in Greece

16 March, 2019

Best Beach Games for Family Fun in Greece

Greece is one of the best destinations for a family holiday, whether you’re on mainland Greece, one of the main islands like Rhodes, or one of the smaller Cyclades islands like Paros. While there is plenty to do and see in all of these locations, it is always popular for many families to spend some of their holiday by the beach.

For families, some are happy with a good book and a sunbed, but some of us need a bit more excitement and action to keep us occupied, even when we’re at the beach.

Here are our top 8 beach games that are perfect for the whole family, perfect to play on any of Greece’s sandy beaches.

  1. Rounders

How many players: 8+

What do you need: plenty of space, 1 x bat, 1 x ball, 4 x markers (can be buckets or spades stuck into the sand, or you can get purpose made sets).

How do you play: set up your four markers, roughly the same distance apart, in a diamond shape. One will mark the ‘home’ base, which is where your batsman stands. The other three will be the bases the batsman needs to run around all of in order to score 1 point. 

Split into two teams of 4 or more. One team will be batting while the others are fielders (marking the bases and bowling). 

Select a player to be the bowler, who throws the ball toward the first batsman. The batsman hits the ball as far as they can with the bat, while the bowler and other 3 (or more) players are fielding. The fielders need to get the ball onto one of the 4 bases before the batsman reaches said base, in order to stop him moving.

The next batsman takes their go and once the ball is in the air, the previous batsman needs to move as well. Once the batsmen pass the home base, they have scored 1 point. If they get out (on their go, or on a subsequent batsman’s go), they score nothing.

  1. Sandcastle Competition

How many players: 2+

What do you need: bucket, spade, sand good for sculpting !

How do you play: this is better for smaller families, who may not be able to rally together an entire team for a sport-based game. Split into two teams and set about making the most extravagant sandcastle. Use your environment and found items to decorate your sandcastles.

Bonus round: once you’ve complete and settled on a winner, have a good laugh destroying your castle as quickly as possible! Or, the winner can have the satisfaction of destroying the losers.

  1. Beach Frisbee Golf

How many players: 2+

What do you need: Frisbee and beach items to act as markers.

How do you play: Using common beach items, such as sticks, spaces, buckets or shells, mark out target spaces. Then, by throwing the Frisbee, aim for these targets. The closest Frisbee wins. If you have a few Frisbees (of different colours) it’s easier to track. Smaller family members can stand a little closer to make it easier.

  1. Water Bucket Relay

How many players: 6+

What do you need: 2 x buckets and 1 x plastic cup, large shell or small bucket for each player.

How do you play: line up two teams at the water’s edge, giving them a device to carry water in. At our last trip, we used a set of children’s mini sand molds in the shape of different sea creatures, but you can use plastic cups, spoons or even seashells.

Place two empty buckets further up the beach. Then on the word ‘go,’ the team send their first player with their carrying device to fill with water from the sea and transfer it into the bucket. The next player can have their go when the first player returns to the team. The winning team is the first to fill their bucket with water.

  1. Tug of War

How many players: 4+

What do you need: 1 rope

How do you play: split into two teams as even as possible. Set a marker using a stick or some stones. The team who pulls the other team past that marker first, loses! It’s simple, but a good team builder if you’re away with more than one family or a large group of people.

  1. Volley ball

How many players: 6+

What do you need: volleyball and net (or a net)

How do you play: simply keep the ball in the air, if it gets hit out of bounds the receiving team get a point. If the ball is dropped, the attacking team get a point. 


There’s plenty more you can try, from bowling to competitive hole digging! Get creative at the beach and let us know if you’ve created any of your own games that you want to share.